The Church

Prison Ministry

We are still not allowed to visit and have Bible studies. Both inmates that we correspond with continue to receive Rick Warren daily devotionals that are copied from emails. When writing both men always mention that we and our families are in their prayers and they are grateful for your prayers for them. One of the inmates that I correspond with has an April birthday next week. A card was sent along with a new Life Application Bible. We received a very grateful thank you note from him and he is thrilled with all the features that this Bible offers. He has been doing a great deal of studying and felt that this NIV Bible will be of great help to him as he continues his studying. The men have all been vaccinated against Covid.
They also received tablets primarily for making phone calls. The phones often did not work and could only be used at certain times. The tablets allow for calls any time. They also feature podcasts some of the selections are religious as well as NA, AA programs. They do not have internet access. But the tablets are a real bonus for them especially having access to NA and AA. Although neither of the inmates we connect with, need these programs many of the inmates do and they have not had the programs for over a year.