The Church

The Next Generation of Swift Memorial

Youth and Children
Swift Memorial values the next generation of children and youth. Sunday school is available each week, and the youth ministry is continually developing deeper community.

Sunday School
A school especially for children that is held on Sundays to provide religious education.
Classes are held Sunday mornings from 9:00 am.

A class for younger children is for ages 4 thru 9. The curriculum is called God’s Big Picture. The goal of this course is to generate the wonderful way God has revealed Himself to us. God’s Big Picture takes us through the many characters and themes in the Old and New Testament. We gain understanding from our weekly bible verses and how they pertain to us today. The lessons are taught through discussion, drawings, coloring, games music and prayer.

The next class is for ages 10 thru middle school. Their curriculum is called What’s Up ? Discovering Jesus, the Gospel, and who you really are through illustrations, stories, and interactive activities help our children understand why the gospel is good news. It reveals God’s love, forgiveness and power to change our lives, especially during these formative years and to become who God means us to be.

We believe the ideal situation is when the church and family work together to educate children in the faith. The teachers are dedicated and find much joy in telling children of God’s love. For further information please contact: SwiftmumcSundaySchool at